If you are in the mood for an achingly beautiful soundtrack, I highly recommend the soundtrack for “The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford.”  Perhaps it helps to have seen the movie, but there are some tracks in there that are well. . . haunting seems the proper word.

The Assassination of Jesse James (Soundtrack)

Great movie too by the way.


Forces of evil beware! I have procreated!

On 8/18/2009, shortly after 5:00pm, the wonderful Mrs. Hurin gave birth to our beloved little daughter. 8 lbs (even!). Healthy and beautiful!

Two hours old!

Two hours old!

Mrs. Hurin is now officially my hero. I have seen her endure (and continue to recover from) things that would have left me a quivering mess of sobs and appeals to any higher power for sweet release.


Now that the first of the month has passed, it’s time for some more serious news.

Mrs. Hurin and I are expecting a little girl in August!

We’re very excited. . . and terrified. So far Mrs. Hurin has suffered almost none of the ill-effects so common in pregnancy. And she’s doing great. We can’t wait to meet the little bundle of joy!


Been a bit busy. But this is not another downward spiral into nothingness again. Well, actually, everything, when you think about it, is a downward spiral into nothingness. Except this.

Because I said so.


Many of my friends and family are tired of me going on my “Roman Emperors” rant. Essentially, I argue that “Every single one of us lives better than Roman Emperors and all we can do is whine about how the Emperor on the other side of town has a fancier purple toga.”

Seriously, every single person among the billions who have ever lived on this planet over the course of human history would look at the way even the poorest of us live today and consider us to be incredibly wealthy and. . . well. . . lucky. Yes even our “poor” are unimaginably wealthy by any reasonable, historical standard.

My guess is that anyone from these prior eras would probably also see the “inequality” among us (where even our folks “below the poverty line” have housing, food, cars, cell phones, and cable TV) as inconsequential considering the benefits of living during this era of prosperity. They’d probably be aghast that we seem ready to up-end this system and try something new because some folks have nicer indoor plumbing than others. If you came from an era where even the concept of refrigeration and readily available ice was an unimaginable luxury. . . the fact that we all live like Emperors but some Emperors live better than others probably wouldn’t bother you very much.

Anyways. . . I’ve ranted about that many times before. We’ve totally lost perspective. Especially this latest generation.

So, without any further ado, here’s Louis CK with the funniest bit I’ve seen in a long while. And one that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It starts a bit slow but just keeps getting better.

In case that link disappars, here it is (without the intro commercial) on Youtube. Though the quality isn’t as good.

I realize this is from October. So I’m a bit late to this party. But if you’ve already seen it, it’s still worth seeing again!