. . . vs those that are paid to pretend they are geeks.

I’m currently living this experience as well. A friend of mine is having me re-do much of her home theater system. Problems included:

  1. DVD Player connected to HD TV via in-wall composite video cable (think “yellow RCA connector”). Yuck! Related to this. . .
  2. There was no other high-quality cable run through the wall (no HDMI, no Component).
  3. Center Channel appears to be routed into the right speaker. And vice-versa.

She was going to be charged $300 by a local installer to run a component video cable run through her wall. Instead, I convinced her to spend that $300 on a blu-ray player (when in doubt, upgrade!), $40 on a monoprice HDMI switch, and then just use the HDMI run for her DirecTV box to watch both the DirecTV and Blu-Ray. We got the stuff installed and she’s thrilled with the picture quality (as you’d expect since her frame of reference was DVD over composite).

Still haven’t had a chance to swap the speaker wires in the back of her receiver though. Should be quick and easy. But I only noticed the problem on my way out the door and scheduling a follow-up visit has been an issue.

But where was I? Oh yeah, Best Buy’s Geek Squad will charge you $325 to just mangle things.

The ironic part is that she has thanked me for my help by generously giving me a Best Buy card!